Saturday, August 6, 2011

johanna Basford

Today on the way back from netball,  me and the girls stopped off at a garage sale.  I do love garage sales and this one proved to be very worthwhile, we got small pieces of fabric, interior books, gardening magazines, pencils and a bulldog clip.  One of the books was a wallpaper one with lots of beautiful prints and some wild modern graphic ones.  One of the designs that stood out for me was Johanna Basfords wallpaper, so I took a Google of her, and this is what I found.
The captions are all rather small type for some reason, you might need your glasses on to read it.

soap packaging

beer labels

fabric designs for some cool frocks

converse decoration

couture doodling
 She has been a busy girl and has a prolific amount of work that she has produced, all so detailed with little secret hidden pictures to find amongst the lines. I feel all inspired myself now give some black line drawing a try, and I do like to be inspired.

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