Sunday, August 21, 2011

funky fashion show

This weekend in town we had Eco-fest and as part of the entertainment there was a funky fashion show. This was really for school age people but the nice lady Christine, from Labels,  said anyone could enter so I enlisted my 8 year old to model for me and we were on to it. 
 This was the start pile. Blanket, boys school trousers and an old blue sparkly frock I'd had in my stash for at least 3 years, 
This was my pattern which I made by putting an old sheet onto duct-tape dummy and drawing on the expected shape with felt-tip pen.  (The duct-tape dummies have been a revelation in the dress making department, they make pattern making so much easier, you can pin material onto them and they stay still for-ever and don't make a fuss.)
The design idea for the coat was taken from this one above from Goldie London.  Isn't it beautiful?
I didn't quite have time to put on buttons, the trousers were held up with safety-pins, the sparkly top was unfinished at the sleeves and the hem, but my daughter actually loved the blue top and said she may wear the coat and trousers.  Result!
 and sloping around on stage in a really blurry photo. 

 My other beautiful and older child, made a brilliant paper version of her school uniform out of used printer paper and brown paper painted with the many test-pots and old paint pots we have in the garage.  Again the photos are not good, but it looked so realistic.  
 Paper clothes are not v practical though, any movement out of range was met with a ripping sound and required a paper patch to be glued on.  There were loads of brilliant outfits but I didn't ask anyone for permission to publish their photos on here so I thought it better not to.  
And last night me and husband went to a fancy dress party.  The theme was "heroes and villains".  I decided to go as Vivien Westwood and set off to the op-shop with this in mind. About 3 hours before the party I got a chance to make my outfit and this is how it turned out.  Dress made from extra-large mans check-shirt, chopped up, pleated, shorter-sleeved and pink slipped.  I'm not sure what Viv would think of it but my pre-teen thought it was fab (not her word) except for the pink slip bit.  I wore her cool red converse and  long stripey socks, I don't know what the babysitter thought!  And a grey wig, yes I know! but the orange wig at the $2 shop wasn't pretty and I am a vain girl.
Husband went as DentArthurDent from Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy, in a rather nice wool dressing gown from the op-shop and some very fetching pyjamas.  He didn't have the right foot wear and he forgot his tea-cup, but he was well prepared for most other eventualities with a towel.
And it was a lovely party, good crowd, great costumes, yummy food.  

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guernsey gran said...

wow what can i say love the pjs and those red boots hope there a size 6