Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Market bargains

Me and the girls and one of their friends went to the Sunday Market yesterday,  we haven't been for a while and I forget how marvellous it is.  It's like an English car boot/flea market cross and we always come away with something, for not very much which at the moment is a good thing.  So this is what I got.
 I thought this t-shirt would make a nice colourful cushion cover, I like these old fashion style tattoo designs, I don't think I would wear the T-shirt though.  The lady was selling so many hippy clothes that I would have worn in the late 80's early 90's it made me feel a little nostalgic, but also a little queasy.  Especially the purple tassle top.  We live and learn (sometimes) (hopefully).
 This is a childs top and the perfect size for my little girl.  I had to bribe her to try it on for me with the offer of chocolate cake, she looked adorable and tres cool in it, but I fear she will never wear it,  but it was only $1nz so it was worth the risk.
 A little strappy black top with nice embroidery was bought to make dolls dresses or maybe something else.  It made a very cool little dress with very little effort as I used the strap already in place and just had to sew a back seam  attach other end of the strap at the back, and some poppers.  Voila!
It has nice colours and I am hoping that I can do something with it to make it more wearable. its quite short already so may have to add some other materiels I obviously thought I was thinner than I am.  Or the dress was bigger.
So there we go, I probably spent $6nz in all so not bad, but I did resist the fresh donuts and hot chips. Don't anyone tell my husband there is a fresh donut stall at the Sunday Market please.

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