Thursday, August 4, 2011

goodbye to the trees

Tomorrow we are having two big old trees cut down.  It is quite sad and I always feel awful when this happens, but unfortunately one has been sick for a few years now, its leaves are crinkly and sad looking(below), when it has leaves that is.

the  other tree, above is beautiful and soon it would have amazing purple flowers that smell utterly divine, but as you can see its trunk is developing a rather jaunty angle with the ground, and for the sake of next doors fence, sewerage pipes and inter-neighbourly relations  I think it is time to do something about it before its too late, so to speak.  ( luckily the light is bad in this photo so you can't see the dreadful state of the driveway.  It makes me feel quite weak whenever I drive in.  The magic driveway pixies have yet to do anything about it) 
Click this link to find a rather pretty japanese garden with lop-sided tree 
and I found a lopsided pine tree too to keep it company.

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